So I shaved my vagina for the first time (I think I did the bikini line) and it won't stop itching.

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    1. This is probably not the answer you were looking for, but don’t shave it in future. It hurts so much when the hair grows back in.PS. It probably wasn’t the bikini line (bikini lines and vaginas are totally different)

    2. apply calamine lotion for 2 days

    3. Make sure you use shaving cream or soap when you do shave. :)

    4. Sometimes the itching is because small hairs that you might not be able to see are growing back and going through your skin. This does usually cause itching..i shave and i know what you mean sometimes but after it grows out a little more it should go away. If not you might have something else i dno.

    5. Apply lotion to the area where you shaved, also the next time you get in the shower exfoliate your bikini line to reduce ingrown hairs. You could also try waxing, for me it removes hair for about a month and the hairs don’t grow back thick or itchy. Once you get used to waxing its not really that pain full. Hope this helps, I know how you feel :)

    6. moisturize! before and during and after. use a good razor too