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My sink is really clogged it takes about 2o minutes for it to drain. I removed and changed the old pipes but i found no type of clog, even in the drain pipe, it has been snaked. Now the clog is worst and water leaks for the u-joint and the other pipes? What could the problem be?

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    1. What pipes were cheanged? The trap below the sink? How was it snaked by removing the trap and running it that way? Will draino work? First just get a hanger and make sure that hair or such is not just in the little grate of the drain of the sick. Once a month in both our showers I hav to do that because of our long hair and pet hair. sometimes in the sink crude builds up there before it ever gets to the trap. If this is the only utility that is this way then it has to be just with the sink. If others are acting up it is on down the drain line.

    2. You may have “changed” the pipes but there is an obvious clog.

    3. If this is uk then the problem is more likely not enough fall in the pipe run, and/or the main soil pipe(if it is connected directly), tap on the soil pipe above the w/c connection, if it sounds hollow..ok, then check all the way down at 6″ intervals, when pipe is no longer sounding hollow there is area of blockage.

    4. 1.Maybe pipes are graded improperly2.possibly not vented3.combo of both4.not snaked far enough down the line5.Roots in system

    5. probably hair since it is the bathroom sink.try white vinegar mixed w/ baking powder

    6. The problem is most likely with the drain stopper. Go back under the sink and find where the lever rod(s) attach to the drain pipe closest to the sink. Disconnect the nut that holds the lever rod assembly to the drainpipe. Pull out the ball/rod assembly enough to allow you to pull out the drain stopper out from above. You’ll probably find a gob of hair. Once clean, reconnect by dropping the drain stop back in and aligning the hole/slot at the bottom so the ball/rod assembly can slide back in. Tighten the nut snug to the point until the lever rod is somewhat easy to pull up and down from the knob above.As far as the leaks go – loosen up all of the nuts holding the trap assembly where the leaks are and adjust until everything is straight. Often the leaks occur because a section may be a little ****** and/or a staight section may be slid in too far or too little. Keep a shallow pan under your trap for a couple of days until you work out the leaks. Be patient, you can do it.Good luck and I hope this helps.

    7. 90% of lavatory sink clogs are in po assy, follow stopper lever to bottom of sink,unscrew where it attaches to drain, remove stopper, remove j-bend on drain, can u see bottom of cabinet or floor? u should be able to. If ok, put back together, get wet t-shirt and block overflow holes,add enough water to cover plunger bottom, plunge sink. A plunger will work to vent, but if clog is past vent u will need snake… call plumber