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This is my first time dyeing my hair and i got this really nice Dark golden Brown (I am a dark blonde) but we got it home and I realised it was permenant for 6 weeks. What if I don't like it? Will I be able to wash it out? The brand is Clairol Nice'n easy if that helps.

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    1. It will fade out in 6wks!! Next time get a rinse, it washes out within 4-5 shampoos!

    2. Over time it will faid and your roots will grow out. So I would say yes it washes out.

    3. the only way it might come out is if afer you die it you deside you dont want it, it wont come out all the way but it will fade, wash your hair with dish soap, it works i have died my hair alot of times at the salon and didnt like it they always gave me the wrong colour so i had to do this, it fades faster then it would just leaving it, or another way, if you dont like it put highlights in it might make it look better

    4. No, permanent means forever. It does NOT wash out.Permanent colours have a bit of bleach in them to remove natural colour (so it doesn’t interfere) and opens up the hair so the artificial colour molecules can get inside easily. That’s what makes it “permanent”.But artificial colour, because the hair is opened up, will lose colour quite a lot easier than your natural hair. They often fade to a pale imitation of what you used. Red is the hardest to remove, and you will usually get orange/gold shades showing up. But you will never get your natural colour back again, since it has been removed. Of course, the hair that grows back will be the same as it always has been.Now, Nice’n'Easy is a horrible product! It has caused untold problems for so many people. I believe it contains metal in it which will coat the hair, and will make it impossible to remove. It will interfere with any other chemical process you do after this… especially other colours or perms/relaxers.If you want a semi-permanent colour (washes out slowly in 4-6 shampoos) you should look for something that says so on the box. If you have to mix two bottles together, one of them will probably be peroxide and that is permanent colour. The semi-permanent colours usually don’t have to be mixed with anything. They cannot make your hair lighter, only add tones to your hair.If you want a temporary colour (washes out next shampoo), you can try some of the water rinses (Fanciful) or the coloured mousses. They can add some tones, but are not very dark. They are great for adding some colour, or covering grey, or covering up unwanted tones. They also will not make your hair lighter.

    5. no just don’t wash it for 24 hours.

    6. No…that’s why it’s called PERMANENT. If I remember correctly, Nice N Easy has some slogan about giving you 6 weeks of vibrant color but that refers to how long it will stay without fading. When you dye your hair, over time the color usually fades but it doesn’t wash out like a temporary or semi-permanent color. It just becomes more dull and loses that initial depth of color.

    7. Try washing it more, but your scalp will be sensitive. It will lighten in the sun.

    8. i think you mean a semi-permanent (you said it washes out in 6 weeks). If it’s a semi-permanent than yes it will wash out, but if you want it to wash out go to the website i attached and it will give you step by step instructions on how to take it out. if it is permanent it will fade eventually, but there are no quick fixes (unless going back to the salon to dye it back to your old color)