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It took until now to really even notice that it was getting this bad, so now im looking for answers! About 7 mo ago I had a spiral perm done and have realized that little by little since then my hair is falling out. Though I do not notice it during the day, its once I take a shower and wash it that I notice the amount that comes out. I've always had VERY thick hair (cant use hairbands as they would always break), so this is definitely not normal. I guess my question is...does this seem like a normal reaction? The hair dresser that did it used 2 bottles of the chemical to perm my hair as I had so much which I did not agree with as it managed to run down the back of my neck and burn my skin badly, so did it burn my scalp just as bad? I've done research and do understand that perms can cause this issue, I guess im just looking for someone whose been through the same or can guide me in the care of my hair. It was long so I cut it up above my shoulders to lighten the weight in hopes of letting the hair regain some Strength. How long will this last and how can I help it regrow and gain strength? Any help would be dearly appreciated!

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    1. Your hair dresser over-processed your hair 2 bottle is alot and she probably left it in for awhile hence the burns. Sorry to hair about your experience. Once you feel your head was tingling or burning should should have wash that out. I think you best bet is to moisturize, and deep condition you hair until you cut all the perm out. Keep it simple. I don’t want your hair to break anymore. don’t It will take some time so trim about every 3 months or so. Please don’t go back to that styles again not stylist specialize in perms. I would suggest not even putting it back in your hair. Perm and relaxers have some of the same chemical as products like Nair and over hair removals.

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