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My hair was dyed dark brown. It is naturally a light-medium brown with grays. I wanted to go lighter because it was hard keeping the gray roots touched up with the dark hair color. I used Color Oops to remove the dark hair color. I then dyed my hair dark blonde except it turned jet black. This was after completely rinsing the Color Oops out and shampooing my hair several times and conditioning the hair. What happened?

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    1. well putting that many chemicals to your hair is very bad. the color oops my have just been faulty and when you mixed the dark blonde with the brown it turned a darker color because the base of those too colors are dark. it may have just been that you hair soaked up some of the chemicals from the color oops and mixed with the dye to get a bad color. did you use a permanent dye? because if you did that was bad after striping you hair its recommended that you only use semi-permanent dye because things like this could happen to you. you might want to wait a while until the color fades almost completely and then dye it or wait a couple weeks and bleach it then dye it

    2. you made an oops

    3. What’s actually happening is the color oops removes some of the color molecules that were put in the hair shaft by the original color and all color removers are supposed to come with a processing solution which is usually a plain 10 vol peroxide developer that helps to remove the rest of the molecules. However, if this solution is not used correctly it will not remove the remaing color molecules and those will grab whatever u put on them and go DARK…yes even black. Im sad to say though that after that step is missed the only solution I have found is to grow the color out…you may want to think about adding some highlight to throw off the black and slowly get u back to that lighter color. I hope this helps!!