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I have a hair removal cream and want to remove hair "down there".Since the skin over there is pretty sensitive,I want to test the cream,but should I test it on ANY part of my body,like my leg or arm,or should I test it in a small area of my bikini line?I am 14 and this will be the first time(obviously I've already shaved my legs and underarms).And any tips on how to apply it?Is it possible to have those ingrown hair bumps with a CREAM?

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    1. Ok well, I would suggest not using the hair removal cream “down there” in those areas of a girls body. Just have it trimmed, with those small scissors do it yourself and trim it. Then for your bikini the sides, you can shave it and then put some moisturizing cream. That is the best non painful way of doing stuff “down there”. Plus the cream isnt meant to be used there, either shave or wax or trim. But dont use the cream down there, bikini is ok but not the actual vagina.

    2. Oh well, what kind of cream is it? What ingredients does it have in it? Does it have Ammonium? Read the label first, some time if you leave it on a longer time or if you skin is very sensitive it can irritate or burn the skin. If you have to try go ahead and try a 1 inch are outside of your bikini line. Follow instructions. Why don’t you have it waxed or laserd? Could you ask you mother or an adult to go with you? If you need more help you can e mail me and I will help you more.

    3. ive used it before, it works fineas long as the hairs are quite longmight sting abit at first, but it wont harm you.

    4. I would get a kit designed for the bikini area because it is more sensitive but if you must, you should test it on the bikini area.edit: the other two answers are wrong because everyones body is different. and chances are, if you test it somewhere else it will work fine but that doesnt mean it wont irritate the bikini area because of the sensitivity.

    5. i just use my regular shaving cream it does the same thing its nothing special but if youre a little worried YES test it somewhere else all those Shaving creams and stuff are pretty much the same they do the same thing

    6. you are hot- are you 17 or older?