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Under the advice of a stylist, I colored my natural golden brown hair to a medium blonde and it looked strawberry blonde...not the color I was going for. So I re-did it with a chestnut brown which was pretty much the same color as my hair but a shade or two darker, but I still have that orange tint in it.How can I remove this AT HOME? I cannot go to a salon, PLEASE do not suggest a salon! Are there any home remedies I can try? Dish liquid, baking soda, repeated shampooings?

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    1. id recommend buying a brass free brunettes kit [external link] (its temporary so ul have to redo it after a month or so to keep it)i’d also say to try a shampoo thats made to keep blonde hair from turning brassy [external link] one for silver hair [external link] shampoos/conditioners are purple and the color neutralizes any of the brassiness ur getting.but unfortunately these both involve buying products- i have never heard of any products from around the house that can help- im sorry. good luck to u!