I've only had the braids in for two weeks,my hair grows out kinda quickly,so i don't want to walk around looking like a mess when i remove these braids.Can i get my hair relaxed in a few days?The braids weren't put in very tight, and they are about medium size.

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    1. The ideal time to get a relaxer after taking braids down is 2 to 3 weeks. Reason being: Your hair has already gone through a lot of tension from you just taking them down. Adding a relaxer adds more tension because your pulling to make it straight. Your hair (and your scalp) needs to take a rest to strengthen back up. I recommend you shampoo and deep condition your hair for now. In between time if your hair too unruly to deal with because you need a relaxer, put a few braids in it a invest in a wig. Just make sure you keep your scalp oiled and tie your hair up every night with a satin scarf.

    2. I would say that it depends on how long you have had your braids in because the braids leave your hair in a very fragile state, which you would not want to put a relaxer on top of just yet. Wait a good week, if you cant wait a week give it 2-3 days. Make sure you put a moisturizing agent (conditioner, creme hairdress) on it everyday so that it will soak into the cuticle to make it a little stronger before the relaxer.

    3. I have been told that you should wait a week after taking down your braids to relax your hair because your hair may be weak and break easily. However, I have relaxed my hair a day after taking my braids out and it did not cause my hair to break. I agree with what she said…you really need to condition your hair well…pre-relaxing and after washing it. :)

    4. You can actually relax your hair the same day you take out the braids. There’s this conditioner cream you put on your scalp before applying the relaxer. The cream is like the petroleum jelly but not quite and the color is orange. Or you can wait a few days.