i personally think she looks better with it longer! [external link]

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    1. she looks wierd with her new haircut, but with her long haircut, she is HOT!

    2. I think it’s cute. I did like it longer but now I think when you look at her, you are drawn to the beauty of her face.

    3. I loved her long hair!! Especially when she styled her hair at the MET Ball with her amazing white dress. Personally, I like her long hair better, but she can work the pixie cut.I guess it’s okay.:)

    4. she looks like a little boy with that short hair. that or she did it to remove gum or something

    5. She’ll always be pretty but her pixie cuts so boyish :( I loove her long hair!

    6. BEFORE, her hair was soooo pretty :(

    7. before. but she can really pull off the pixie hairstyle too/

    8. Well in my opinion she looked way better with the longer hair. Honestly she’s not nearly as pretty with short hair.

    9. Yeah, she definitely cut her locks way too short. Girls tend to do that when they have some crisis going on in their lives, or feel like there is one. So the real question might be “What’s going on to make her feel her life isn’t as great as it used to be/”.

    10. She looks good with it either way but I prefer it longer.