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I shower at night. I use the Pantene two in one, The classic one. But when I wake up it feel oily and greasy. I don't but anything in my hair after I shower. Any Advice? Thanks!

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    1. Your scalp’s oil glands are hard at work even while you sleep. There’s not much you can do, wash your hair in the morning.Astrobuf

    2. How long do you take a shower. Maybe you did not get all of the shampoo out.

    3. You have oily hair. Get shampoo made for oily hair(i’m sure pantene makes it). Oh, and wash your pillow case.

    4. There could be a few causes for this:- You didn’t wash all of the shampoo/conditioner out of your hair.- It got hot during the night and you sweat.- Alot of your hair’s natural oils spread down throughout your hair.And it sounds like you just simply have a case of the greasies (oily hair). To cut down on the greasiness, wash your hair with a cleansing/clarifying shampoo and conditioner, don’t put too may products in your hair, and make sure your washing regularly to cleanse the hair and scalp. For something special, here’s 2 ideas from a hair care book I got (I did not make these up myself, they’re from my Curly Girl book. No copyright infringement intended!)1. Lemon Aid-More clarifying and cleansing than any shampoo, this moisturizing and neutralizing tonic adds shine to your hair and removes buildup. It’s especially good for very dry or damaged hair.Combine juice of 1 large lemon with your usual amount of conditioner, than rinse through hair thouroughly. 2. Whattacurl wants-The baking soda will remove heavy product buildup and leave your hair feeling shiny and clean.1 tablespoon baking soda1 cup warm water* * * * * * * * * * * * *1. Combine above ingredients in a spray bottle and shake.2. Wet, condition and blot-dry hair as usual.3. Spray with mixture.4. Allow to sit for a minute or so, then rinse with cool water.5. Blot-dry again, style as usual.I know they’re from a curly hair care book, so if your hair isn’t curly, you’re probably wondering, but they’ll work for any hair type.Hope I helped! =]

    5. is it hot at night or something? because your hair could get greasy if you sweat?! haha