Women don't have testicles, Alison, so nothing will change if you have your testicles removed. A man though would no longer be able to produce sperm, and if he didn't take testosterone to replace what his testicles used to make for him he'd have a much lower sex drive (though he could still achieve an erection and ejaculate), he'd become fatter, his skin would become thinner and more easily scratched or torn, his beard and body hair would become thinner and finer over time, and he'd be immune to male-pattern baldness. (Though he wouldn't get back hair that he'd already lost.) If the testicles were removed before puberty, the boy's voice wouldn't change to a deeper pitch, and he might not develop pubic hair.w

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    1. U woulnt be able to make a baby

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    3. No sperm is produced. Testosterone production ceases. Sex drive decreases or ceases. There are some other hormonal effects. If the person is castrated before puberty, the effects are much more profound because male puberty cannot happen without the testicles (unless hormone therapy is used)