I generally just shave, but the upkeep on that is annoying. I have a male friend who uses Nair on his genitals and he says it works well to remove any unwanted hair. I am wondering if Nair will irritate my vagina? Does anyone have any advice on this

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    1. it will irritate the sensitive skin. depending on the person, you can try a little and wait and see how your skin reacts.

    2. I wouldn’t do it. I think it’s made more for your legs than for those sensitive areas. Just think about it, if it’s strong enough to dissolve your leg hair, what is it doing to your skin? You don’t want something like that down there. Just use a good razor and some aloe type shaving creme. I actually use my boyfriends razor, it’s already broken in and not SO sharp that I’ll worry about cutting myself. I wouldn’t dare shaving down there with a brand new blade. Anyway, I say use a razor. And a big thumbs up to your boyfriend for being considerate to you and shaving himself. Every guy should ‘manscape’ …body hair…YUCK!

    3. i did it on my legs once it hurt/burned so bad. and if hurt that bad on my legs.i don’t even want to THINK about how bad it would hurt my vag hahahha. just be safe and keep shaving! or get it proffesionally waxed or something lol but don’t use nair, please

    4. I wouldn’t. You can give yourself awful infections, and plus it burns…bad! I suggest you have or spend some money get it waxed, or buy a do it yourself wax kit.

    5. No, don’t.Waxing is honestly the way to go. I don’t know how old you are but I’m 14 and I wax. I just buy the pre-waxed covered strips and do it, it doesn’t even hurt after a couple times.

    6. Don’t do it! I tried it, and it burned super bad, and I thought I was going to die. Seriously don’t try it. It is right when it says on the bottle not to use it near your genitals!

    7. I’m with the waxing crew.. yeah it hurts but it’s worth it!

    8. Nair will irritate your vagina. It surely says on the package to avoid contact with mucous membranes. Why would you want to remove your pubic hair? Are you dating a pedophile

    9. I tried that once and it burned HORRIBLY. Plus it gave me a bad infection. I’m pretty sure they have something like Nair that is genital safe. If not try getting waxed, it’s going to hurt too (though probably not as bad and they give you cream to numb the area a little) but it’s safe and won’t give you infections.

    10. The upkeep of shaving is far better than burning your pubic area for a few days. I would wax or shave and skip the Nair.