I'm a very hairy teen. Im 14 and already have hair in my upper lip, side burns, my eyebrows are thick and I already get my lip and eyebrows waxed. I have hairy legs and thighs, belly hair and chest hair. My butt, back and shoulders have some sparse hair, but not anything drastic. My armpits are also hairier than the average women. My arm hair isn't to bad, it's just once you get to the wrist it get hairy. I have dark brown hair and well the "carpets match the drapes" if you will. Some of my hair is course, like my legs, upper lip, and armpits.But some of it is finer/softer, like my arm hair, eyebrows, and belly hairSo I was wondering...will some of this go away? There are some cases where after puberty some of it falls offDo I have a hair problem?Should I do anything about it now if I do? Are there any hair removal treatments that work good and aren't to TO expensive?(besides shaving and waxing)Thanks A lot, sorry if this is unorganized or has any spelling mistakes.Also, I want to apologize if this is to long for you, sorry.

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    1. lasering is the best method, i keeps your hair away for a really long time. but it’s also the most expensive one. shaving is the worst one.you can’t get something cheap and effective.

    2. Waxing it probably your best bet because the more you wax the hair will start to grow back less, becuase it takes it from the root. Shaving is the worst thing you can do cuz it makes it grow back thicker. You can always try nair! it will take away all the hair but feels kinda weird. You could always pluck your lip hair and brows.