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My friend told me that purple shampoo helps darken your black hair color. I dye my hair black but like pitch black, but after awhile it starts lightening up so my friend said if you use purple shampoo it helps keep it dark. I'm wondering if it's true because I know purple shampoo is for blondes to remove brassiness so I'm just wondering if it "really" does help make your hair darker.

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    1. My sister has blonde hair and my mom got a salon grade purple shampoo to lighten it. I was told to not use it on my hair because it would strip the color out ( my hair was dyed a deep violet brown color at the time). So don’t use purple shampoo that says its for blondes or if it says its a lightening shampoo on your hair unless you want the color to come out if it just happens to be purple then it’s no big deal but it’s probably not going to darken your hair color.

    2. ive never heard that…i would just use a good shampoo for dyes hair to help the dye stay in longer

    3. No, it doesn’t. You are right it works for blondes to tone down brassiness. You can use it too but it is not going to do much for you. I lighten my hair and I use purple color additives. Imagine, if they don’t do much on my blonde hair, what can they do on dark hair like yours?

    4. I don’t really think that the color of the shampoo matters. Just go to the store and buy a shampoo for color treated hair. The shampoo’s for color treated hair will help the color last.