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The pipes that my bath tub water drain out of are frozen!. Last time this happened we poured drano down and it worked awesome. Not working this time though. Tried hot water and nothing is working. What do we do?

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    1. I am sure drain-no will work but I live in Texas and table salt and hot water worked like a charm getting my shower drain unclogged. Granted it was only 17-28 degrees F for our cold snap on this occasion. It took about 2 minutes to unclogg after I added the salt to the hot water in the tub. Report Abuse

    2. getting heat to the area is your best bet. There are chemicals that will speed thawing but remember that anything you pour down your drain has to go somewhere and may well end up in your aquifer. Since this has happened before, the more appropriate question seems to be how stop it from happening again. Is your bath tub over a crawl space or a basement or a slab on grade? Give us some more info so you can treat the problem instead of the symptom.

    3. If you can access the pipes from below, get a hair dryer and aim it at the drain for awhile. I would suggest using boiling water, not just hot. but it seems you may have standing water mixed with drain cleaner already sitting in the tub making it unsafe to bail. If there is no drain cleaner, I would remove all the standing water and use boiling water down the drain.I would also suggest getting the drain insulated so you don’t have this problem in the future.

    4. Windshield wiper fluid