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and its for the facei put it on for 2minutesand it burnsand is a little redand i see some small bumpswhat should i do?i washed it and put some cold air on my facewhat now?it doesnt burn anymorebut it is very sensitive now

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    1. That is normal.Sometimes fashion is painful.

    2. read the directions of proper usage (LEGS) and DO NOT DO THAT AGAIN !!

    3. electrosurgically

      that happened to me once but i had used it on my legs my mom told me to put water and salt she said that salt is Very good 4 that it worked but it will burn a lil and you have to do it a few times before it goes away=D

    4. Well next time when you buy something read the instructions because it clearly says don’t put on face, bikini area, etc.

    5. your skin was probably too sensitive for it in the first place.. every one has hair on their face lol why remove it? and way just wait and see if it goes away. it might just be the reaction to a new product. especially if you use a lot of other products on your face.