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I'm an African American male and there isn't a lot of site, blogs, or forums for blacks with dreads but I've had mine for about a month an a half and was wondering when I could wash them on my own, and how I would need to do it...I have knotty boy dread soap and a nylon cap but dont wanna use rubber bands...please give serious answers because it would help greatly

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    1. Go to the site http://www.InspiredLocs.com and you can find tons of info – all things locs/dreadlocks.You can wash your hair when you want. Since your dreadlocks are new, you want to be careful with them by trying not to disturb them too much while washing. You can put a regular stocking cap on your hair and wash, then remove the stocking for the final rinse. If you don’t have a stocking cap (or a cut off pair of pantyhose to use), just be sure and massage your scalp gently while shampooing. If you started your locs with the twist method, you’ll find that some of them will loosen. Not to worry, you’ll just retwist them. They will eventually unravel less and less during washing until your hair is locked. Once your hair is locked, it will stay in place.

    2. Go ahead and wash them, just be gentle with them. Because you are African American, your dreads are held together better than whites, but still be gentle. Just a light shampoo and slowly rinse it out. Also, wash it in salt water, as that will help mature them.