I have black hair (died black) , im gonna die just the bottom red. Do I NEED to bleach it before I die it ? Also where can I buy the bleach and what does it look like?

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    1. Stripping your hair would probably work better, and do less damage than bleaching, especially if your going for red. Stripping your hair will get rid of the black and leave your hair a copper color, since your hair get’s processed it will hold the red color better. You can get loreal stripper at most stores, but if you go for bleach I suggest going to sally’s and asking the people there to help you out.

    2. You’re going to need a wig first for when all your hair falls out for dying it so much.

    3. Yes, you will definitely need to bleach it. You need to remove the black before placing another color. But black is the hardest color to remove that’s why you do need to bleach it. In order to avoid to much damage I recommend you to use the bleach developer cream from Issue Professional Color to prevent your hair from braking. You need to mix for every oz of bleach 2 oz of the 40 volume developer cream, then mix it A LOT (you may even use a mixer for this) once it is “swollen” you apply it and leave it for 60 min. If it did not remove the black enough you can repeat the process (but better use a 20 vol developer for the second time, you don’t want your hair to brake for over processing it). When you are done with bleaching rinse well and provide with the dye.