bumps are from the mild "trauma" from plucking, the spots are from the base of the hair, just "lightly" squeeze this and it should come out. Before you squeeze, wrap your finger tips in kleenex so you don't punture the skin with your nail. Then wipe the area with witch hazel, next apply hydrocortisone so the "bumps" go away quicker.I hope this helps, I think this is what you mean by "dark spots". If not, maybe you shouldn't dig for the hairs, let the grow out enough for you to grab them with your tweezer. Also Invest in a GOOD tweezer, because they are all not alike.

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    1. after you pluck use alcohol on a cotton ball to clean the area so you wont get bumps. i do it to my eyebrows so it will definitely work for any part of your face. if you already have dark spots use cocoa butter to reduce the color and try makeup to cover it up.