my hair is black and i want to go to a medium brown without bleaching it. will repeatedly washing my hair with dandruff shampoo work? I heard it does.

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    1. The ph of dandruff shampoo is usually quite high and will fade your color with daily use if your hair has been colored. If it is naturally dark this most likely won’t work.

    2. yes it will cuz the ph on it is very high u would most likely buy the analine one instead of the alkaline one

    3. no.r u trying to get it lighter becase you colored it too dark, if so use dawn dish soap 3 times and condition the hell out of it..if your hair is natually dark then u cannot lighten it with any kind of shampoo, you need peroxide or bleach

    4. First off, if the black is a permanent dye then it will fade as anti-dandruff shampoo strips haircolour – just not as much as if you’d used a semi-permanent dye.If your hair is naturally black it won’t do a thing.You don’t need to bleach your hair to go from black to mid-brown, it’s definitely worth trying a hair dye or highlights.I’d recommend using anti-dandruff shampoo/lemon juice on your hair at least once a day for the next month, then see if your hair’s in good enough condition to try a semi-permanent dye.

    5. hiya,using a harsh shampoo on coloured hair does make it fade quicker. although, it really only lifts it about a shade lighter. it depends on the amount of build up you have on your hair of colour.A gentle cleanser will lift it out quickly and isnt as damaging as using full on bleach.

    6. no, dandruff shampoo is a shampoo and is not meant for removing color. if you don’t need it for cleansing don’ use it at all. use a colorremover

    7. Ok just reread the question. Lol. um yeah well baby shampoo, treseme oo head and shoulders they all sort of strip the colour they are not reccomended when you have coloured hair,and just sort of over wash your hair.. but it wont go brown.. it will just fade

    8. it all depends on the make of the shampoo.I have blonde hair and i was using headshoulders anti-dandruff shampoo with no colour protection or anything in it and it took some of my blonde out and i had to go get it died again as i never knew it fades hair colour :( and my mother has black hair and it also faded some of her colour.try using that one :D xxx