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Iv got these little umps all over my belly face wrists legs head and back, and there really itchy, can anyone tell me what iv got, and how long before they go away.

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    1. ask ur parents or go to the doctor

    2. It’s impossible to diagnose anything online when you can’t see it.It sounds like a possible allergy though based on the distribution, pruritus (itching) and your description of “little bumps”. Have you applied anything to your skin recently or been in contact with anything different (e.g. moisturisers, different shower gel/ detergents)? I’d definitely go to the doctors if it doesn’t go down in the next couple of days. I wouldn’t worry about it, they’ll just be able to suggest something to make it “go away”. In the mean time topical ointments like E45 (bought cheap from pharmacies) or camomile lotions will ease the itching.Also need to consider whether you’ve had chicken pox before?I wouldn’t worry though, just see your GP :-) Hope this helps :-)

    3. Might want to keep your clothes on when fooling around near the poison ivy. Could be anything including stress.

    4. May be goose bump it should go away soon but see a dermatologist and have a evaluation if it does not go away soon.It may be pimples. Read my article on it.**************PimplesByMinootooThere are many reasons for it.To name a few:1. Hormonal imbalance2. Infected hair follicle.3. Infected oil sack.If a person is lucky it will be a painful bump and it will go away after few days.In many cases it develops in to an infectious hair boil. At the height of the infection it has ugly looks, puss flowing and it is very painful.Ultimately skin breaks and leave dent or a hole on the facial surface.The dent is cause because the bacteria eat up the cologne (baby fat that gives glow to the skin).Can it be avoid for sure?Prevention:If you are lucky keeping the face clean with mild shop (tooth past is a mild soap that foams, tingling is from foaming action) is the best way to prevent infection. Skin care to avoid hair boil under the skin and or inverted hair growth (ingrown hair must be removed carefully, you can pull them up out of the skin, and antiseptic cream should be applied, you can pull them out if so with root and oil sack completely and apply the antiseptic cream) will help.May be, healthy living and good habits and lots of luck can help some.Anti-biotic are given in rear case to prevent infection (low dose prolong treatment). But doctor are very reluctant to use this, the side effects and build up of the immunity to the bacteria is the main reason.Treatment of dents or marks:See a dermatologist, they can remove them by surgical method, plastic or laser surgery is used. They can inject calogen or similar paste like stuff to fill the dent below the skin to smooth it up but treatment is not permanent. They were using silicone but they have stopped using it now.***********************