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Hi, I'm 13 and recently over the past week i've noticed a lump forming underneath the skin on my bikini line- which hurts if you your touch it. I think it's slowly getting bigger but I'm not sure. I also have impetigo on the back of my right upper thigh(the same side) although I don't think this is anything to do with it.. I haven't told my mum yet or my doctor because it's embarrassing and I tried a hot flannel compress last night but it didn't seem to make much of a difference. :3

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    1. How to Manage Ingrown Pubic HairTake A Shaving BreakThe very first thing you have to do is give a break to shaving. It would also be wise if you do not use any depilatories or waxes. Otherwise, you might risk yourself to an ingrown hair infection.Start ExfoliatingGently exfoliate the pubic area. Get stuffs like a loofa or any product which is especially designed to exfoliate the pubic area. This method helps in loosening the area of the skin that is holding the ingrown hair.Soften the Skin!Another effective treatment method for ingrown pubic hair is to use heat to make the skin soft. Spend some time in a sauna or a hot tub. The heat would help the skin to open up the pores. This in turn, may aid the skin to get rid of the ingrown hair.Get A Good Pair of TweezersYou can also get a pair of pointed tweezers to your aid. Ensure that the tool has a good grip, so that you can lift the ingrown hair without much difficulty and pain. It is necessary that you sanitize the tool with a solution of hydrogen peroxide, before using it for hair removal. This would prevent infection.Don’t Forget Aloe Vera!Use of aloe vera gel is an effective, natural treatment method for an infected ingrown pubic hair. The gel is antiseptic in nature and is also helpful in hastening the recovery period. Also, it is better that you get rid of any pus that might have been formed. This would help to expose the hair. Simply stretch the affected area of the skin, using gentle force with your thumb and forefinger. Once the pus is out, use a pair of sanitized tweezers to pull out the ingrown hair by its root. Thereafter, you can dab the treated area with a bit of hydrogen peroxide or aloe vera gel.Cream Also HelpsMost people have benefited from using a cream that is especially formulated to deal with ingrown pubic hair. What this cream does is, it works to dissolve the pubic hair under the skin itself. This helps in reducing any further skin irritation. Such creams can be easily available at the chemist’s.Ingrown pubic hair can be prevented by following proper shaving techniques. These may include trimming the hair short, and soaking the area with warm water, before shaving. Also it is better to use a good quality shaving cream, using a sharp-bladed razor and most importantly shaving in the direction of the hair growth. With these few simple measures in place, you can cut down the risk of the growth of ingrown hair and the need to follow any kind of treatment whatsoever.

    2. ingrown hair?

    3. It could be a cyst, i get them sometimes, mine usually just go away after a while. I really should go see a doctor about it though. My friend also gets them and she had to get a few surgically removed cuz it was just getting bigger in time. I would go see a doctor about it…