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It's been 4 months since I died my hair with a permanent black dye, but now I am tired of it. Is there a product that will strip some of this color so I can recolor red or brown? Is it even possible now to have red or brown hair without frying my hair with bleach and cream?Thank you!!

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    1. color oops takes out permanent color. ive used it and it works great! you may need 2 boxes but you can get it at cvs or walmart. its quite harsh on hair so you might want to deep condition afterwards. good luck!

    2. you will need to do a color remover treatment i would go to your local salon (or even a beauty school would work seriously!) and have then do it for you!

    3. Well, a color remover is going to make it go a brassy orange shade and totally wreck your hair, I would caution you against that. Dye will not remove color, but you should be able to do a dark brown. Go for a dye within 1-2 shades of your existing color, and do your ends first then your roots, so it takes evenly. If you are going to go for a red, or lighter brown, it will take several processes lightening the hair to go a few shades lighter, and you will need to have it done by a professional. I always caution people against black hair dye, because I have seen so many bad hair from trying to get it out, and it never looks natural. You will have to lighten gradually, so you can save your hair all the damage.

    4. After 4 months anything that would be stripped out of the hair without using bleach or something close to it has already come out. How dry are the ends? You should go to a salon or beauty school they can look at your hair and tell you if it is in good enough shape to get some of the color out, you won’t have to bleach down to blond or anything just to a light brown and the redeposit with the new color. You don’t have to get it done right then when you go talk to them, they may also suggest a good deep conditioner to use for a few weeks before doing the process. Just call around and ask some questions and see what they say, but really a person would have to see and feel your hair to be able to see what can be done.

    5. I strongly recommend you go to a salon to do this. For it can be a tricky process. Also because yes it is hard on your hair. They have products you can buy, but I wouldn’t recommend doing it yourself. It is quite hard to get black dye out.