It's mostly hair in my bathtub and bathroom sink drain. I tried to get most of what I can see but it still won't drain. What can you recommend?

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    1. I use a plunger or a snake. Actually, my husband does becuase cleaning the drains is his job.

    2. Draino.

    3. a plunger and liquid plumber

    4. I prefer an exzyme drain cleaner such as DrainCare by Zep. It not only clears the clog but cleans all of the pipe surface so that future clogs are lessened. Caustic cleaners eat a hole and run to the sewer. Enzyme cleaners cling to and eat the entire clog.

    5. The most effective thing I’ve found for hair is a coat hanger. Straighten the hook end and use it to snag the stuck hairs. You can get them out enough to grab with your hand and pull out. Takes a little work, but very effective. On the sinks, you can also pull the p-trap and get at it that way.If you must use chemicals, try one of the drain openers that is a gel, it sticks to the hairs better and will do better disolving them.

    6. Go to Lowes! Purchase a “Zip-it”! Take it home, and insert it in drain, and remove the hair! Have a good day! It’s that simple!

    7. I have an invention that may work for you. I have a website at http://www.handyhook.usPeople who have it like it a lotSteve

    8. Personally I do not believe in drain cleaners as I have been repairing drains in the past and have gotten a faceful of that stuff.find an old spring, like a spring loaded doorstop or screen door spring, stretch it out to resemble a long corkscrew and twist it into the drain, this will pick up all the hair in the drain, pull it out and your drain is clear..much easier, cleaner and safer and works everytime

    9. Drano Gel Max works really good. Good Luck!

    10. Sorry, but you need one of those metal drain snakes that can be put down there (or disassemble the trap under the sink and get the clog out that way). Those chemical drain cleaners are very toxic and ususally don’t work.

    11. The One Second Plumber clears most drains instantly. It’s environmentally friendly, contains no harsh chemicals.

    12. air pressure is said to be very effective. try to use a plunger at first and lots of hot water. if that don’t work…call a plumber…they will fix it and learn you how to keep your drains from being that plugged again.