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I had black hair(dyed) for two years. One week ago I have decided to bleach it, twice(because there is no other way to lighten black color) and my hair was totally orange. Then I dyed it with ash blonde, again twice, but it still has that orange/yellow/green in it. Is there a healthy way to remove that?

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    1. hippocastanaceous

      :[if all the black dye is gone and your hair is an orangey blonde, you just need a toner which you can pick up at Sallys.if there is still dye left you should strip it out with something called color oops. you really should have done this first, stripped out the dye before you tried to bleach it. it would have worked a lot better. sorry :( if this doesn’t work you should go somewhere and have them fix it.

    2. i asked a lady at sally’s when my mom had the same problem and she said you should strip the color out of your hair which is a thing you could buy there and then buy the desired hair color you want and die it hope this helped:) good luck