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I live in a 35-year old condo. I never had this problem before but only since I replaced my bathroom sink about 2 years ago. Now there's a black slime that appears and eventually clogs the drain. It's not just slimy but when removed, it almost has a rubbery-like texture. People have said it is mold but why has it just started appearing? Do the new PVC pipes encourage mold growth? Any way to prevent this besides having to clean it every other week?

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    1. Number one common problems with drain is hair and so when other waste say tooth paste waste etc you can imagine it begins to collect and get pretty gross. My mom and I use lemon scented bleach in all our drains this helps tremendously and is really inexpensive and effortless. 2 OR 3 cap full every other day.

    2. Pop some washing soda down on a regular basis. Easy to do, cheap, quick and effective.

    3. try using some bleach in your drain to kill the mold or fungus