Okay so today I bought Revlon's Dark Blonde hairdye. It didn't work. It just left my hair red. My hair is naturally dark brown. I really want it blonde, not too blonde though, just dark blonde. I really don't know what to do. Everytime I dye it, it turns red. What brand hairdye should I use? I really dont want to go to a professional, I want to do it myself. Pleaseee I need help.

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    1. I always just use ColorSilk. It is cheaper, and it gives the same results as clariol. Hope this helps.

    2. My natural hair color is a really boring, ugly shade of blonde. I’ve always had it professionally colored blonde, but when I first started doing it there was a lot of trial and error.The first few times I turned strange shades of strawberry blonde, yellow, and orange. My stylist had to use bleach to get me blonde.Now that you’re red, you may need to have that stripped, which is really bad for your hair. Even if you try to re-color it now, youre coloring red hair over brown hair. Risky!I know you don’t want to go to a pro, but you might not have a choice. Last time I tried to do mine myself I ended up crying and having to have it professionally corrected, which was expensive.Good luck!

    3. you can’t dye dark hair that light, you have to use a lightener (as in a bleach) a beauty supply store will have what you need, it’s better quality than a regular dept. store, i would recommened a 30 volume peroxide, read the instructions on bottle. VERY IMPORTANT ! don’t pack your hair down on your scalp while you have the chemicals on, you will get a BAD chemical burn.. make sure oxygen can get to the scalp area ( if you have never bleached anyones hair before, i really wouldn’t recommened this), wear gloves are you will get a chemical burn too……former stylist

    4. You have to bleach the brown out of your hair first. The you put the blonde color on it. They sell hair bleaching kits in the stores. Usually costs from $10 to $15 then a box of hair coloring in the color you choose.

    5. you can’t dye dark hair blonde you have to bleach it go to walmart and get a highlighting kit. start by highlighting it till you get the color your looking for. you can get the look you are looking foryou just have to do it gradually trust me I did it 6 years ago andmy hair was very dark and its very blonde now.

    6. My advice to you is to head in to sallys beauty supply, and tell the clerk exactly what shade of blonde your looking for. She should be able to find the perfect powder bleach for the color you want and some developer. you will probably have to go through it twice, at least a weak apart. bleaching your hair makes your hair very dry, sallys also sells a really good conditioner, i recomend getting it to help strenghten your hair.

    7. Unfortunately, Getting Dark Hair To A Lighter Shade Often Results In Red Tones Being Revealed. Your Biggest Problem Is That You Don’t Want To Be Blonde Enough, I Know That Sounds Crazy But, Your Hair Has Too Much Red to Lift It “Just A Little” If You Were Trying For A Very Light Blonde You Could Lift It Enough To Remove The Red Tones. If You REALLY Want Dark Blonde You Could Try #1 Bleaching Your Hair To The Deep Yellow Stage And Applying A Dark (Ash Or Neutral) Blonde Tint OR #2 Going To The Beauty Supply And Getting A GREEN OR BLUE-GREEN Base Dark Or Medium Blonde And Use It With A 30 Volume Developer For Up To 45 Mins. Some Suggestions Are: Wella Color Charm: Dark Smoky Ash Blonde #462 Or Ash Blonde #542 Clairol #32D Moon Haze Or #34D Hazy Mist Or #42D Moongold

    8. It’s nearly impossible to turn dark hair blonde, even a darker shade of blonde, without it being red and brassy. You need to go to a professional salon to have it done. Your hair needs to be bleached first which will do some serious damage. If I were you I wouldn’t do it. Plus since you have recently died your hair anyway, they will have to strip that color as well. Talk to a professional before you do anything else.

    9. You cannot go blonde at home. It simply isn’t possible. Hair lightens in stages. The last things to go are red, then orange, then yellow. There isn’t anything that they can sell you in a box that will take you past that orange stage if you have dark brown hair, as it is easy to burn your scalp and severely damage your hair with these products. If you wont go to a professional, you just have to resign yourself to a life with dark hair. Sorry!

    10. Oh god you’ve messed up.You can’t lift your hair all the way to blonde if you’ve already got dark brown hair. Haircolor only lifts 3 LEVELS. You only processed to red…so you didn’t even get halfway there. All you can do is straight bleach it – GO TO A PROFESSIONAL. I’m sorry, unless you want red hair, go to a professional. If you don’t want to pay that kind of money, go buy more dye and put it back to your natural color, save your cash, then go see a pro in a month or two. I’m in that situation now – I had old black Redken dye in my hair and we bleached my hair four times to get it out (under the supervision/direction of my cosmetology instructors) and the red just would not budge. So right now, I’m sitting here with straw-like orange hair that I’ve got to wait two weeks to dye. Pretty. Don’t go there. Just dye it back to something darker than red and save yourself a lot of trouble.

    11. Bringing brown hair to blond is tricky, and easily turns the brown hair brassy. You should really go have it done. The store bought dyes are VERY hard on your hair and very damaging. I would suggesat starting out by putting blond highlights in it so it is a gradual change. As for now, do not try to do it again, you need a professional, or go back to brown, you will ruin your hair if you keep trying. Store bought is never good! You have to have a lavender undertone in the blond you are using or it will go to brassy, the lavender counter acts the brassiness. you also need a toner, and this is all not good for someone who isn’t a professional to try to do. It is basically chemistry. It may work for a rew, but they might be trying to bring ashy blond to a light blond, not dark brown to blond. I don’t want to offend successful box users, but really you are doing a drastic thing and you need to go to a professional, if you can’t afford that right now, go to a local cosmotology school and ask for a student who is good with color.