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i did the lice treatment but i lost to comb and i cant get it right now! please help how to remove dead lice and eggs without the comb?!

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  • How can i get rid of the lies in my hair? - To get rid of lice, you should use one of the commerically prepared solutions from the drugstore. This will kill the lice and their eggs, and then you will need to comb through your hair with a fine tooth comb to remove everything. Hope you have a good friend/family member to help you with this,
  • How do you remove head lice eggs from your hair? - i have only the nits (eggs) left in my hair but i cant seem to shift them. they are stuck quite firmly and having real trouble removing them. i dont have any lice i got rid of all of them with an electric lice comb. just hundreds of little eggs all over my hair. can
  • How to remove dead nits from long, thick hair? - Six months ago, I had lice but there’s no longer any live lice in my hair. However, there is a LOT of dead eggs that I’ve tried removing with my fingernails (takes forever), and using products from the chemist. These eggs aren’t budging. Thanks for your answers, guys User tags:I did a lice treatment
  • Best method of getting rid of head lice in children? - You need to treat your surroundings including clothing and bedding as well as each individual.•Remove all clothing.•Use a lice-treatment such as, Nix Complete Lice Treatment System or a home remedy.•Put on clean clothing after treatment.•Comb dead and any live lice out of the hair.•Use a Head Lice and nit Comb to remove nits and lice
  • What is the best remedy for head lice? - Treat the head and remove ALL nits, even if they are dead. Check everyone in the house and treat accordingly. However, if you use the shampoo too often (if it’s a repetitive problem) the lice will become immune, therefore causing the treatment to become less effective. Putting mayonaise in the hair with a shower cap
  • What are natural ways to kill head lice? - You may use a fine toothed comb.The best way is to oil your hair well and apply this comb and remove the lice that come along it.if you do it regularly, you may soon get rid of lice. User tags:I did a lice treatment used the comb and I have dried nits stuck to my hairim
  • I have my daughter 8 years old,she has lice in her head.im using antiliceshampoo,plz give mi salution in hindi? - meri beti 8 years old,she has lice in her head.im using anti lice shampoo but not remove.she has lots of eggs of lice in her head.plz give mi salution.but in hindi lenguage.me buhat pareshaan hon. User tags:I did a lice treatment used the comb and I have dried nits stuck to my hairim using the comb

    1. I would brush my hair firmly with as fine a brush as I had then use the vacuum cleaner suction hose to thoroughly vacuum my hair. Follow that with another wash but with plain shampoo.

    2. Be a man; use your hands.