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have tried shaving the bikini area and it hurt bad! I'm not sure why, because I used a sharp, new razor and I did it carefully and slowly. I even did it with lots of shaving cream! Tips for why it hurt and how to make it not hurt again? Thank you! My biggest problem is I want to use hair removal cream made by Veet or Nair. A couple questions- How long will it take for the bikini hair to grow back so its pretty visible? Like, how many days? How often over the summer should I apply Nair/ Veet on my bikini area? Lastly, will I still get ingrown hairs using Nair/ Veet? Thank you so much, you have no idea how much I needed this answered! (:

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    1. your hair will grow back on at the same length. But be careful, I used veet on my bikini line, and got a chemical burn. not on the first time though, so just be careful.

    2. DON”T USE NAIR! If you use veet or nair on your bikini line, the skin will shed off. It’s a patch of sensitive skin, and hair removal creams are horrible for that! (Don’t even use them on your legs) For shaving, use a new razor with a sharp blade. Use something high quality not disposable, and don’t use too much shaving cream. :-)