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it looks really bad since my pubic hear grows fast i have to shave almost everyday and now i have these little razor bumps that look like pimples how can i make them go away? and is there creme that i can use on my vaginal area that removes hair?

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    1. no its not a good idea to put any cream down there. Your area is one of the most sensitive parts of your body, and creme can harm or infect it. as for the bumps, they are probably caused by the fact that you are shaving everyday, so give shaving a break. its not like anyone is gonna inspect your area for hair anyway:)

    2. See a GP as they will know what can cure these bumps.I have never had bumps or anything like that from shaving, im just as bold as a skin head…and i shave about everyday, but never come through with any redness or bumps. Its sounds like you might be using a bad razor. Or could be ingrowing hair, that tends to cause that. But from far as i know, just see a doctor/GP they will help.And to remove pubic hair fast, and last longer probably to get it waxed professionally.I know some people get insecure about getting their bits out, to get waxed but at the end of the day we all have one. (females)