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i have a compaq laptop and recently i spilled rum coke on it. it was mainly on the left side of the keyboard, and the keys stick really bad. is there a way to fix this without taking it to a professional? ive seen ideas of taking the keys off and cleaning them, how do you do that? is there a special way to do it with this type of laptop? thanks for any help!

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    1. It depends on the laptop case. The first thing to do is to turn the computer off, unplug it and remove the battery. Then, a little bit of rubbing alcohol on a Q-Tip can be fairly effective. Don’t use rum, of course, rubbing alcohol only and only a little. If your keys pop out with just a little force, then remove them and clean them individually. Most keyboards have keys that can pop off and back in without too much trouble, but some don’t, so be careful not to force it or your keys won’t go back the way they were.Ideally, you should remove the whole keyboard and clean out the components of your computer, which are likely also sticky. Remove anything that’s removable, like your hard drive. You can download instructions on taking apart your laptop from Compaq’a website, but be careful, it can be tricky to put back together if you don’t know what you’re doing and you may need some very small screwdrivers.The other thing you should get is a compressed air canister, available at radioshack. It’s generally good for computer cleaning. Use the hose to get into the nooks and crannies and get out any dust and debris that could be clogging things up. It won’t help with the stickiness, but it should help to clean up any bits of the Q-tips that get left behind and also to dry up and evaporate the alcohol before you turn it back on.If it happens in the future, immediately turn the compute upside down to drain, turn it off, unplug it, take out the battery and anything else that’s removable, then clean it as best you can with paper towels (while it remains upside down). Use a hair drier on the cold setting to dry it off quickly. You’ll still need to clean it with Q-Tips and alcohol as well as the compressed air afterwards, but it’ll be more effective if you take the correct actions immediately and there will be no need to take anything apart.

    2. Just get those computer wipes at staples but if it obsorbed in further then the keys u will have to take off the keys. Sorry but i dont know how to do tht.