I treated my children for nits/lice and now having a hard time to get the vaseline out. Any suggestions?

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    1. i would use a clarifying shampoo since it will strip excess oils from the hair. it may take a few lathers. you can also try adding a little bit of baking soda to the shampoo that’s going on the hair since it will also clarify the hair.

    2. i would say 2 just keep washing it with shampoo it should work; my cousin’s baby got a ton of vaseline in his hair and she just washed it with baby shampoo a few times and it worked! but make sure u kinda dry it real quick in between each shampoo otherwise u mite hav 2 wash it more times. hope this works! :D

    3. Keep washing it but it really takes its own corse maybe a week.My son put Vick’s vapor rub in his hair and it took about week to get back to normal.I must of shampooed it about 20 times oh yes I used DAWN dish soap because it removes oil!edit****And dawn is super safe just watch the Eyes of course… they used dawn on the seagulls and other beach life when there was a huge oil spill many years back.