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I had a few unwanted hairs above my lip and since we were out of wax and since i couldn't find the tweezers; i ended up shaving them. I did it gently and it wasn't much to shave; but, i'm still worried it may grow back WAY more noticeable and prickly. I have waxed and plucked before and i don't see how shaving could be much more different? Is it?

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    1. Well, i got some upper my lips. well, i dont shave. just leave them. if u shave them, they will grow and look worser

    2. As a guy I’ve never noticed shaving making much of a difference in my facial hair. I think that’s just a myth.

    3. A very sensible thing to do and indeed it may well be time for you to start shaving regularly.It’s a moustache – some girls develop a moustache, just like boys do.Most guys are OK about girls with, for example, a slight moustache.If you do decide you have to do something, then there isn’t a simple answer and there’s a lot of misleading “information” around.Facial (and also body) hair on women comes about in the same way as on men because of1) your body being sensitized, before you were even born, to testosterone – doesn’t happen to all girls, but does to many2) your body producing high levels of testosteroneThe growth rate and coarseness of the hair depends on just how much testosterone is circulating in your bloodstream.Steer clear of bleaching – when someone sees you against the light you’ll look as if you have a glowing moustache. Believe me, it shows up far, far worse.As far as removing it is concerned it’s worth remembering that* Waxing, plucking, threading, epilating all pull the hair out by the roots and where the growth is hormonally-driven can actually stimulate a dormant follicle into producing more hair quicker. They also distort the root if done repeatedly, leading to hair growing at strange angles. And you’ve got to let the hair grow to quite a length before you can repeat the exercise. It can also damage the skin and discolor it. Long-term use of waxing also causes bad wrinkles.* Chemical depilatories strong enough to remove the hair are very likely to burn the skin, cause swelling and cause long-term discoloration of the skin.* Laser is also liable to cause burning and discoloration and in any case only works effectively on a dark hair/light skin combination.* Electrolysis is very liable to cause scarring and discoloration of the skin.Which, like it or not, leaves shaving which does not damage the skin and does not cause the hair to grow more or coarser or faster. Best done with a men’s-style electric razor, the best of which, for girls and women, are probably those from the men’s range of Philips/Norelco razors (Philishave outside the US). Most girls and women who try a men’s Philips/Norelco wonder why nobody ever told them about it before.

    4. its not any different

    5. Don’t worry dear. It won’t grow back thicker ! You should get laser hair removal on your upper lip (: Thats what I would do, but for now. You should relax and wax it when it grows back .DONT WORRY!

    6. u can use hair remover cream.but u shoullu not shave

    7. You shouldv’e thought about that before you did it.Lol it’ll be fine its the same dif

    8. The hair does not know it was cut so will continue to grow just as it would have, waxing or plucking hair affects the way it grows and it gets weaker in time. The removal of the root follicle can weaken the growth of hair. Cutting the hair is the same as cutting your nails and is does not strengthen the hair.