I had light brown hair but I used L'oreal highlighting kit to highlight it "extremely light blonde" it tuned out YELLOW/ORANGE/GOLDEN !! :( I'm humiliated. Will Shimmer Lights Shampoo get rid of the brassiness? how long will it take? what else will it do? any other comments? Thank you very much for all the information you can provide me with!!

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    1. I am in the exact situation and I just re-touched my hair for the first time by myself- but it took me three trips to get it right! I went to Sally Beauty Supply and got the Clairol Professional in Neutral Blonde ($4.99) and Level 40 Clairoxide (?) developer ($4.99). DON’T DO IT! It turned out yellow-orange. So, I went to RiteAid and got John Freida Blonde Toner Shampoo ($8.99) that is blue and is supposed to remove the brassiness “in just 3 uses”. DIDN’T WORK! Finally, I went and talked to the manager of Sally’s Beauty and he told me to use L’Oreal Quick Blue (one packet for $2.99) and mix with my Level 40 Clairoxide developer (although he recommended Level 20 or 30). Then, right after that bleaching, he told me to use Clairol Demi-permanent (yes, demi, not semi) in ight Cool Blonde with a blue base ($3.99) mixed with a special Clairol Demi-permanent Developer ($2.99). IT CAME OUT GREAT for $10-15 bucks! I recommend getting a trim or investing in a good leave-in conditioner bc this process really works your hair!

    2. I’ve never used shimmer lights, but i had the same problem. When you bleach your hair it goes through stages. Since you and I have some orange base somewhere (from previous dyes/products/genes) we lightened our hair to orange. This is why for some people, to get to a platinum it will take two bleachings. You may want to wait a week or two for your hair to recover and do another bleach. My hair still fades to brassy after awhile so I use Nexxus Simply Silver Shampoo. It’s FANTASTIC. It’s super thick and purple, leave it in a few minutes, wash it out, and it will strip most of the color. Mine only gets a little yellow since i’ve done two bleaches, and the nexxus takes it all out really fast.Hope that helps!