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I have a mole with hair growing out of it. My mum has a mole in the same place, but it has "inflated". I am wondering if I will get the same type of mole, or not. The hair grows quickly. Also, can you explain what a mole is?I am 14 years old.Thanks- T

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    1. All my aunts had moles on their chin, with hair on it. They didn’t got bigger. It’s almost like a beauty mark.A mole is something that just appeared one year, and they continue to get darker bumpier.If they do that, it could be a start of a cancerous mole, which must be seen by a dermatologist.I have a dark mole, the size of this comma, since I was in grade school, and it remains the same size today. Other than that, I’ve had a strange mole that was throbbing on my thigh, the size of a pencil eraser and it’s brown, but it was annoying and I had it seen by a doctor and told me not to worry. The throbbing continued even after I had it removed, BUT it got infected, and my dermatologist injected a serum around it to make it stop throbbing and the infection faded 4 years later, but the ‘mark’ is there.There’s also a mole that comes go on my face. I picked on it and it went away, it didn’t come back after 2 years. Now because of more exposure to the sun I see it’s getting bumpier again. Even if you’re using lotions, there’s no guarantee you won’t get moles or freckles, or skin cancer.I’ve been avoiding the sun since age 9, because I get too hot and because my aunts had moles on their faces necks, I contacted Discoid Lupus (Google it), so if it’s not moles it’s something else.The sun is more powerful than many thinks.

    2. If you keep touching and playing with the mole it will keep growing huge, just leave it alone.I’m female and I think moles are cute?

    3. A Mole doesn’t grow bigger or change color unless there is cancer cells under it