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I'm brunette and have really dark arm hair. I want to get rid of it, but i don't want to shave it off or use nair, cuz it would make it darker over time. And laser hair removal is too painful on me! is it possible to make it go away, lighten it, or just get rid of it? is there a special kind of soap that will make it lighter? idk ill take any answer!

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    1. Talk with your hairdresser and doctor. You can have your arm hair bleached. Do NOT razor it off. Also, unless you’ve heavy arm hair, most men and women these days don’t worry about dark arm hair against light skin. Best of luck.

    2. Aw, that’s a silly thing to be self-conscience about. Trust me, nobody is analyzing your arm hair :) Anyway though, the sun lightens your hair :) Good luck.

    3. Wax. It’s painful for a second, then it’s done.Also, think logically for a moment: Are YOU looking at someone’s arm hair when you meet them? And thinking less of them for having it? No?Nobody is looking at yours, either.

    4. There are two solutions although you may find neither of them attractive. You can either visit your local beauticians and have your arm hair tinted, or you can simply wax the hair off altogether. This means when the hair starts to grow back it will be half a tone lighter and less of it will grow back.

    5. bleach it…

    6. If you feel that conscious about it, yes, you can lighten it. There are some lighteners in your pharmacy or drugstore that can do the job. I believe there is a brand called Jolen cream. You can actually wax is off with Sally Hanssen pre-waxed strips too, which work quickly. It is not as painful as it sounds. I’ve tried it as well and they keep the hair off for about 6 weeks. The good thing is that the new hairs that come in are lighter and fewer.

    7. ummmmm shave it all of good god how nasty is it that a girl cant shave her own arm hair.