I am trying to wash out the ash toner fro my bleached blonde highlights because it is grey. I am washing my hair twice a day with baby johnson and suave clarifying shampoo. the reason I had ash toner put in my hair was because some of the bleached highlights were orange. I have black hair, so now I have grey and brown in my hair. How can I get my blonde parts back in my hair and not the orange. Should I use a shampoo for blonde hair (though would it affect the other colors in my hair) or a plantinum toner (would that also affect the other colors in my hair?) please help. I am leaving for a trip tomorrow and want my hair to look beautiful. Is it okay to get a deep condition, hot oil treatment, an replenishing condition all in one week though not on the ame day?

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    1. You are wasting your time with shampooing. You can’t correct perminent color by shampooing. Besides the toner may not be the problem. You started at a level 1(black) and wanted your highlights to be a level 10 (very blonde). To do that you needed hair bleach and developer a volume 10 or even 20 volume.(because going from a 1 to a 10 you are removing all of the pigment in your hair. To avoid excessive damage you want to keep the bleach on the shortest possible time, while achieving your desired resault.Working with color is tricky. You need to know your hair’s porosity. You can have different degrees of porosity in different places. Previous chemical process (perms, relaxers, color) + other factores will also effect how the hair responds to bleach. Do a strand test to dertermine formula and processing time until you know how your hair responds. But your beyond a strand test.So how do you fix it? I would recemend going to a salon and having a trained professional fix it. But if you must do it yourself. Here’s how.I am going to guess the orange is primarily at the roots and top and maybe under the side of the head . It is orange because the bleach was not on long enough. (the techniqe for this process is to apply at roots first then bring down to the ends. Generly the mid-shaft and the ends will process faster then the roots. So timing will vary. That is how you fix the orange.About the grey- either you used the wrong color toner or again the bleach was not on long enough. To check while the bleach is on. Use a water bottle and clean towel. Spray (rinse) a small area of a section and dap or squeeze out excess water (get it as dry as possibe with the towel or a paper towel works well) to check the true color.Only once you have achieved the level of color you want then apply the toner for a richer,shinier finish. Keep in mind Ash (the true color) is just that- ashy. If you are going for a Platnium color use a platnium toner. Whan your done-yes pamper your hair with apporioate treatments. You shoud also protect it! Use a spray leave in conditioner and add sunscreen to it. When you blow dry use a product to protect your hair from the heat- always use the lowest heat possible.