Ok a couple months ago my brother decided to but highlights in mt bratz dolls hair with blue permenant marker and then he washed it out and it got all over her face so now she has a completely blue face. Does anyone know of a way to get it off I have tried magic eraser, nail polish remover, rubbing alchohol, tooth paste, goop, and right now I'm using hairspray which is kinda working but it is takig forever. So please help me what else can I try.

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    1. If I were you, I would rub on some nail polish remover (Use a Q-tip or swab though, you might wipe of her makeup otherwise) and let her sit for a while. After a week or more, it might start to fade.

    2. Well from experience, putting washable marker over permanent marker and then wiping with a wet towel usually does it but not sure if it will work with your situation considering the quantity of the permanent marker, its worth a try though :D

    3. To remove ink from vinyl you need a bottle of Oxy pimple cream with 10% Benzoil Peroxide. Cover all the ink with the cream. Put the doll out in the hot sun , 90 degrees and up works best. It usually takes about 4 hours to remove the ink. Wipe all the cream off and check. If there is still some ink, do it again the next day. Usually only 1 day of sun will do it.

    4. Here’s a product that would take the ink off.Remove Zit. This stuff takes the ink off, and it’s used on dolls. I’ve used this product to take ink off my own dolls. It takes time to remove the ink though. [external link]