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What is the best method to trim your pubic hair, I shaved it all off once with a manual razor but it grew back stubbly and was really irritating for a while. (Especially the hairs that grow out of the base of your penis) Cheers.

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    1. unburdensomeness

      just get some small scissors and cut all around your ***** but yes shaving makes the hair more thick so just trim all around.

    2. duct tape or crazy glue!!

    3. Try trimming it down with those mini bathroom scissors (they’re called manicure scissors) and then maybe use an unscented bikini removal cream (yes, for girls!) because it kills the hairs and they fall out, your not just cutting them off. it SHOULDN’T irritate your skin unless you leave the cream on too long. it’s best to do this right before showering.

    4. I believe in the saying that if you cut back the undergrowth the tree will look larger. I see from your question that you tried shaving it all off and the folly of that particular stunt. It itched like crazy didn’t it? I’ve found that the best way to trim your pubes is with a small pair of sharp scissors. A pair about the size of cuticle scissors is about right. Tug your pubic hair away from your body and, being very careful when you get close to the skin, snip away. Scrotal hair is a bit more difficult to trim but if you take it slow and easy you can get the job done. After you have finished use a softening and moisturizing lotion.