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I put color oops in my hair and it turned it light brown. I really liked the color just wanted it a little lighter. So I put in a hair dye that was supposed to lighten it a couple shades and it darkened it. Frustrated, color oops-ed it once more. and now it's orange-ish. I like how light it is, so I don't want to change that. I just want to get rid of the red without damaging my hair anymore.Is there any special shampoos or something I can use?

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    1. try clairol shimmer lights shampoo and conditioner. it’s purple and removes brassiness from hair. also, try a toner. toner is mild, permanent hair dye that is meant to be used on hair that has just been bleached to remove orange/yellow tones. you can get that at a beauty supply store like sally beauty. i used color oops today actually, it’s also orange-ish lol. good luck!

    2. you can try a blue/pruple shampoo made specially for toning.. but i cant guarantee if that will work…the only other thing you can do is go to a salon and tell them you dont want red in your hair and ask for a green based colour and that will tone it to a neutral colour without any red in it..yes, i know i sounds weird green based hairdye.. but it will not turn your hair green… red and green are across eachother from the colourwheel meaning they neutralize eachother…talk to your hairdresser about it more and they can helpEDIT: just saw that you said that you dont want to go to the hairdresser… ok.. go to a beauty supplier like sallys or whatever you have near you and ask the person workign tehre to help you pick out a green based colour at whatever level you are at now to neutralize the red, or you can go to a hairdressing school and they will do it for much cheaper than a salon and they have teachers there at all times guiding them on what to do.

    3. use head and shoulders shampoo, that washes colour out.or you could buy a hair stripping kit which just strips the colour.

    4. Hi there,I’m assuming that dying your hair is something that you haven’t done often in the past?Dying your hair a darker color than what you originally had will almost always turn out degree darker than what you expected at first. It’ll usually fade a little bit after the first couple of washings. Rule of thumb for the future: don’t try to correct a color until you see what happens after the first few washings-it may actually ‘calm’ down to the point where you find yourself satisfied.As far as the redness goes…hmmm, that’s the trickiest one to get rid of. For example, if you were to dye your hair auburn, it would fade quicker than any other color. However, you will never completely get rid of it unless you grow it out. One thing you can do though is cover it up with a darker color, if you’re willing to go pretty dark.If you are able, let your hair cuticles relax for a while. If you absolutely cannot stand the ‘orangy-ness’, go ahead put a darker color on it. But it’s a really good idea to condition your hair like crazy right now since it’s gone through a bit of trauma.Hope that helps!

    5. the only thing that i can thing of is get hightlights