I don't want to use chemicals on my kids again. These natural lice killers on the web are expensive and I'd like to get these buggers quickly.

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    1. what an excellent question with school starting again!when my daughter contracted lice from her school i bought mayonnaise (has to be the real stuff – the zip from miracle whip doesn’t work) and slathered it all over her the hair (very messy, but the more – the better).i then placed a shower cap on her head and let her watch some TV (i didn’t put her to bed with the mayonnaise as the cap can leak and make quite a mess – also not comfortable with the possible toxicity) once her TV shows were over (at least 2 hours) i gave her a bubble bath and rinsed the hair very well (it was sooo soft afterwards) and combed it thoroughly. the difficult part comes when trying to remove all the eggs. depending on the length of the hair this can take hours. just go through small sections at a time and take frequent breaks. i keep a spay bottle filled with vinegar nearby to aid in the removal.to help prevent lice, wash your children’s hair once a week with shampoo containing tea tree oil. it’s not recommended for everyday use, as the lice will learn to tolerate it

    2. My friend sent me a list of common household problems you can use, for different things. Number 4 on the list, is to kill lice and condition your hair, is “Mayonnaise”..Let me know how it works..good luck..

    3. i find that tree tea shampoo and conditioner really works best and it has a pleasant smell, you can also buy a tea tree spray that you leave in the hair as that works too, the expensive ones are less effective and smell really nasty

    4. tea tree oil. my stepmom used it on my step brother and it worked. used the oil and then used a shampoo/conditioner that had it in it.

    5. Cheap conditioner (suave) and a plastic grocery bag- works every time. Put conditioner on the child’s dry hair -all over- place a plastic grocery bag over the head and twist up what ever there is left of the bag and tuck under or clip with a plastic clippie…the longer it is on the better-say 1 hr. Remove bag and take your lice comb-metal is better and comb them buggers out-use the towel the child had on and wipe your comb off alot. Rinse once your all the done with that child and Viola no bugs no tangles and the hair smells good too.Repeat if necessary the next day. The conditioner smoothers them so they will die. You will also have to treat your house and keep checkin your childs head.

    6. I am a mother of 7 children 6 being girls . This works. Go to the hair section get hair grease put in the hair and let sit for a couple o f hours. then with a metal lice comb (found at walmart) run thrue the hair you will see nits and dead bugs. make sure to treat your house and wash all bedding and your car. Black flag works to spray funiture but dont sit on it for awhile. then wash hair with dawn to get greese out this wil take a couple of times repeat in 5 days then again one more time in 5 days this wil work better than mayoniase its thicker and they can not breath

    7. microvasculature

      Thank you for posting this question. I have not found an at home remedy that works. Even the shampoos made for this don’t seem to work all the time. What I do is treat them with a shampoo which sometimes kills the bugs, and then I go through their hair with a pencil and pick out every little egg and bug and make sure they are dead. I wipe them on a paper towel I keep handy when doing this and then discard the paper towel. You still have to treat the bedding and furniture and tie up the teddy bears and all that, but at least if you go through their hair every day for about a week and you still don’t see any, you know you got them. Also, keep going through your other children’s hair that you didn’t find any in originally. The kids will hate this and you will too, because it’s time consuming and.. well, gross. But if I don’t do this I have to keep treating over and over until I do do it. Sorry, that’s probably the worse thing about public schools. And do you ever notice they get your kid every time but the one that keeps bringing it to school for some reason doesn’t get sent home!The best way to go through their hair is to wash it, blow dry it a little and then brush it out. They are easier to see.

    8. mayonaise

    9. mayonaisse work’s good and leave there a couple of hour’s it’s cheap than medacine

    10. We have fought lice for 2 years, off and on… We have used absolutely everything on the market…nothing worked. I finally heard about alcohol…plain old alcohol. We saturated the hair completely and then wrapped saran wrap around the head for approx 2 hrs…wash and rinse throroughly. Report Abuse

    11. Apple cider viniger and combing out the eggs. It safe and it works. It can be used everyday as a precaution if it makes you feel better for a min. It also make their little heads of hair just shine.

    12. you are welcome!! and you’re right lol, TV is a very important part of the process Report Abuse

    13. Go to the drugstore and get a bottle do there hair,get spray i think it is called RID ,spray all the furniture,put all the stuffed animals in trash bags tie them up really good and leave them in there for at least 2 weeks.Wash all blankets in hot water.If you do not kill every thing in the house they will never get rid of it.Most local health departments will check the kids hair and if they have it they will give you and every one you have been around the stuff for their hair for free.If you do not pick every single one out of the hair w/the little comb (comes w/solution) then you will never get rid of it.I went through this every few weeks w/my cousin when she lived w/us.My mom also went through thid w/my friends from school.It is very time consuming but if u do it right they will be gone.Vacuum everything(carpetfurniture) empty vacuum cleaner after that.Good Luck!

    14. this worked for my son-drench the hair in vegetable oil, wrap a towel around his head, let it sit for 2 or 3 hours. start combing out the nits and eggs. i had used the commercial products, had his hair cut really short. the vegetable oil was the only thing that did the trick. good luck.

    15. I have used mayonaise followed by a vinegar rinse. It works very well. THe longer you leave the mayonaise on the better it works. I found this out by experimenting with longer times. With my oldest daughter(she had hair sown to her shoulder blades) I leave the mayonaise on overnight covered with a shower cap to kill all the lice. The vinegar rinse helps dislodge the nits that are in the hair.The also have a chemical free shampoo that you can buy at most stores if that is what the schools require. It is a homeopathic shampoo called LICE-FREE. It works well also. It has to be left on the hair for an hour though.

    16. mustard.