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I'm 23 and I don't smoke or do drugs. I also hardly grow any leg hair, so I was thinking maybe I have a hormone problem. Is this affecting my ability to have kids because there have been alot of times that I probably should have gotten pregnant. I don't take any birth control since I'm married and the hormones in bc make me nuts.

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    1. Some women just menstruate irregularly. Are you 20 lbs overweight or underweight? If so, that might be why you don’t menstruate regularly. Go to your ob/gyn and doctor to have a full exam asap. They will tell you what’s wrong and what you can do to fix it. There are other options besides birth control that can help to regulate your period.

    2. The main reasons irregular periods are1 .Blockage of blood circulation to the lower abdomen area due to lack of physical exercise. 2. Functioning of the thyroid glands is not fair.3. Fibroid in the uterus and/ or cyst in the ovaries 4. Poor health condition and / or lack of exercise 5. Psychological reasons such as anxiety neurosis stress tension etc.Any defects in the thyroid glands or ovaries or uterus may develop mass or stiff muscles in the breast and blockage of circulation and then sores in the nipples and again pain or aches. FOR HEALTHY LIVING Brush you teeth at least twice a day , gargle throat and wash your mouth with warm salt water everyday. Bathe at least once a day. Clean neck back, ankle pit, sex area in between the legs, feet and sole paying more attention. (Ladies shall clean their hidden area with clean water on menstrual days more often but don’t use chemical lotions . Keep well cleaned the under-breast area and nipples) Wash skin of skull and hairs with natural vegetable shampoo (such as hibiscus etc) but don’t use any chemical shampoo from the market.. Cut the nails of fingers and toes once in a week. Don’t use any sort of nail polish. Take care to remove unnecessary hairs of the body once in a month without using any chemicals. Wear only clean clothes. Change under garments everyday. Consume balanced food but only as much it is required for the time being. Have vegetable food and dish always in your menu. When you insist non-vegetarian eat vegetables or fruit 50-100 grams un- cooked .Avoid canned foods, biscuits, sweets, beverages such as cocoa cola and foods that used colours and preservatives . Liquors , tobaco in any form, drugs and sedatives of all types should completely be avoided. Drink 12-14 cups of water (children 8-12 cups or in proportion) including coffee and tea. Do as much works or exercises everyday as all the muscles of internal and external parts and organs of the body. Let you have good sleep about 6-8 hours at night but avoid sleep in day times. Don’t go emotional , control anger, hatredness, selfishness, pride and jealousy. (Remember all these emotions lead you to establish mortal diseases). Do these exercises regularly. Early in the morning before rise up do this. Lie on back, fold both legs holding with both hands crossed, around the knees and try to bring the knees near the chest or touch the chest. If it feels any inconvenience release a little and hold for just 60 counts or one minute.Lying on the back raise both legs slight up without bending, hold at the calf muscle by both hands at both sides. Holding there tightly get the legs down to touch the floor straight at the same time raise the upper body to sitting position. Again lie down raising both legs holding at calf muscle. Repeat six times next day 12 times next day 18 times.and continue till the stomach becomes tender and slim. (1) Stand erect feet 1.5 feet(45 cms) apart ,both hands up, fingers unfold, bend down, try to touch the toe with your fingers. ( if it is not possible now, don’t mind). Then slowly come to erect posture with hands up, then put down your hands. Repeat this 3-12 times gradually.( first day 3 times second day 6 times third day 9 times so on) (2) Stand erect, hold your hands together fingers crossed, above your head.. Turn RIGHT, not changing your legs’ position, bend down, move yourbody, hands and head to front then to the left and then go up slowly and turn to front let hands down. Repeat this two more times. Again turn LEFT first and do the same three times as described before.( increase the number day by day to 12 times or more) (3) Stand erect with feet close, heels touching each other, toes 6 inches apart, hold both hands placing on both the hip bones gently. Rise up a little giving weight on the toes, then slowly sit down but heels roused and sit on the heels for a few seconds. Go up slowly to erect posture then stand on the feet( All these time the heels are raised). Do this 3,6,9,12,or15timesdaily. Your cramps( not only of the stomach) anywhere of abdomen and legs will be gone. Muscles of chest, belly, waist, buttocks, thighs and legs will have good relief and get good figure.